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Git 1.7.10-rc2v1.7.10-rc2
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@@ -29,6 +29,16 @@ Compatibility Notes
while and were deprecated in mid 2008 (v1.6.0). When you give these
options to "git am", it will now warn and ask you not to use them.
+ * When you do not tell which branches and tags to push to the "git push"
+ command in any way, the command used "matching refs" rule to update
+ remote branches and tags with branches and tags with the same name you
+ locally have. In future versions of Git, this will change to use the
+ "upstream" rule to update the branch at the remote you would "pull"
+ from into your current branch with your local current branch. The
+ release after 1.7.10 will start issuing a warning about this change,
+ to encourage you to tell the command what to push out, e.g. by setting
+ push.default configuration.
Updates since v1.7.9
@@ -180,6 +190,10 @@ Unless otherwise noted, all the fixes since v1.7.9 in the maintenance
releases are contained in this release (see release notes to them for
+ * Build with NO_PERL_MAKEMAKER was broken and Git::I18N did not work
+ with versions of Perl older than 5.8.3.
+ (merge 5eb660e ab/perl-i18n later to maint).
* "git fast-import" accepted "ls" command with an empty path by
(merge 178e1de jn/maint-fast-import-empty-ls later to maint).
@@ -201,13 +215,15 @@ details).
platform tools in /usr/bin) in config.mak-autogen. This may be useful
for people on Solaris who have saner tools outside /usr/xpg[46]/bin.
+ * zsh port of bash completion script needed another workaround.
* "gitweb" used to drop warnings in the log file when "heads" view is
accessed in a repository whose HEAD does not point at a valid
exec >/var/tmp/1
echo O=$(git describe)
git log --first-parent --oneline ^maint $O..