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Update draft release notes to 1.7.10
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -8,8 +8,6 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
* Improved handling of views, labels and branches in git-p4 (in contrib).
- * Updated command line arguments completion script for zsh (in contrib).
* "vcs-svn"/"svn-fe" learned to read dumps with svn-deltas and
support incremental imports.
@@ -22,16 +20,12 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
* "git clone" learned to detach the HEAD in the resulting repository
when the source repository's HEAD does not point to a branch.
- * The commands in the "git diff" family and "git apply --stat" that
- count the number of files changed and the number of lines
- inserted/deleted have been updated to match the output from
- "diffstat". This also opens the door to i18n this line.
* When showing a patch while ignoring whitespace changes, the context
lines are taken from the postimage, in order to make it easier to
view the output.
- * "git grep" pays attention to -diff (hence -binary) attributes now.
+ * "diff-highlight" filter (in contrib/) was updated to produce more
+ aesthetically pleasing output.
* "git tag --list" can be given "--points-at <object>" to limit its
output to those that point at the given object.
@@ -79,41 +73,13 @@ Unless otherwise noted, all the fixes since v1.7.9 in the maintenance
releases are contained in this release (see release notes to them for
- * When you have both .../foo and .../foo.git, "git clone .../foo" did not
- favor the former but the latter.
- (merge b3256eb jk/git-dir-lookup later to maint).
- * Some systems need to explicitly link -lcharset to get locale_charset().
- (merge b522528 dp/i18n-libcharset later to maint).
- * The output from "git diff --stat" for two paths that have the same
- amount of changes showed graph bars of different length due to the
- way we handled rounding errors.
- (merge 2eeeef2 jc/diff-stat-scaler later to maint).
- * We failed to give the true terminal width to any subcommand when
- they are invoked with the pager, i.e. "git -p cmd".
- (merge ad6c373 zj/term-columns later to maint).
- * The transport programs ignored --no-progress and showed progress when
- sending their output to a terminal.
- (merge 01fdc21 cb/transfer-no-progress later to maint).
- * Sometimes error status detected by a check in an earlier phase of
- receive-pack (the other end of 'git push') was lost by later
- checks, resulting in false indication of success.
- (merge ef7e93d cb/receive-pack-keep-errors later to maint).
- * t5541 ignored user-supplied port number used for HTTP server testing
- (merge d202a51 cb/maint-t5541-make-server-port-portable later to maint).
- * "rev-list --verify" sometimes skipped verification depending on the
- phase of the moon, which dates back to 1.7.8.x series.
- (merge cb8da70 cb/maint-rev-list-verify-object later to maint).
+ * "gitweb" used to drop warnings in the log file when "heads" view is
+ accessed in a repository whose HEAD does not point at a valid
+ branch.
exec >/var/tmp/1
echo O=$(git describe)
git log --first-parent --oneline ^maint $O..