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am: officially deprecate -b/--binary option
We have had these options as harmless no-op for more than 3 years without officially deprecating them. Let's announce the deprecation and start warning against their use, but without failing the command just not yet, so that we can later repurpose the option if we want to in the future. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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Git v1.7.8 or newer.
* The "--binary/-b" options to "git am" have been a no-op for quite a
- while and was deprecated in mid 2008 (v1.6.0). When you give these
- options to "git am", it will now fail with an error.
+ while and were deprecated in mid 2008 (v1.6.0). When you give these
+ options to "git am", it will now warn and ask you not to use them.
Updates since v1.7.9