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+Git v1.6.5.7 Release Notes
+Fixes since v1.6.5.6
+* If a user specifies a color for a <slot> (i.e. a class of things to show
+ in a particular color) that is known only by newer versions of git
+ (e.g. "color.diff.func" was recently added for upcoming 1.6.6 release),
+ an older version of git should just ignore them. Instead we diagnosed
+ it as an error.
+* With help.autocorrect set to non-zero value, the logic to guess typoes
+ in the subcommand name misfired and ran a random nonsense command.
+* If a command is run with an absolute path as a pathspec inside a bare
+ repository, e.g. "rev-list HEAD -- /home", the code tried to run
+ strlen() on NULL, which is the result of get_git_work_tree(), and
+ segfaulted.