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Update draft release notes to 1.6.1
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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* "git bisect" is careful about a user mistake and suggests testing of
merge base first when good is not a strict ancestor of bad.
+* "git check-attr --stdin" can check attributes for multiple paths.
* "git checkout --track origin/hack" used to be a syntax error. It now
DWIMs to create a corresponding local branch "hack", i.e. acts as if you
said "git checkout --track -b hack origin/hack".
@@ -74,6 +76,8 @@ on.
* "git cherry-pick" can also utilize rerere for conflict resolution.
+* "git clone" learned to be verbose with -v
* "git commit --author=$name" can look up author name from existing
@@ -85,6 +89,12 @@ on.
* "git daemon" learned --max-connections=<count> option.
+* "git daemon" exports REMOTE_ADDR to record client address, so that
+ spawned programs can act differently on it.
+* "git describe --tags" favours closer lightweight tags than farther
+ annotated tags now.
* "git diff" learned to mimic --suppress-blank-empty from GNU diff via a
configuration option.
@@ -99,9 +109,16 @@ on.
* "git diff" hunk header pattern for ObjC has been added.
+* a "textconv" filter that makes binary files textual form for human
+ consumption can be specified as an attribute for paths; "git diff"
+ learnt to make use of it.
* "git for-each-ref" learned "refname:short" token that gives an
unambiguously abbreviated refname.
+* Auto-numbering of the subject lines is the default for "git
+ format-patch" now.
* "git grep" learned to accept -z similar to GNU grep.
* "git help" learned to use GIT_MAN_VIEWER environment variable before
@@ -127,9 +144,18 @@ on.
* "git merge -s $strategy" can use a custom built strategy if you have a
command "git-merge-$strategy" on your $PATH.
+* "git rebase" honours pre-rebase hook; use --no-verify to bypass it.
+* "git rebase -p" uses interactive rebase machinery now to preserve the merges.
* "git reflog expire branch" can be used in place of "git reflog expire
+* "git remote show $remote" lists remote branches one-per-line now.
+* when giving up resolving a conflicted merge, "git reset --hard" failed
+ to remove new paths from the working tree. [cherry-pick to 'maint'?]
* "git submodule foreach" subcommand allows you to iterate over checked
out submodules.
@@ -179,6 +205,6 @@ release, unless otherwise noted.
exec >/var/tmp/1
echo O=$(git describe master)
git shortlog --no-merges $O..master ^maint