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-GIT v1.6.0.4 Release Notes
-Fixes since v1.6.0.3
-* 'git add -p' said "No changes" when only binary files were changed.
-* 'git archive' did not work correctly in bare repositories.
-* 'git checkout -t -b newbranch' when you are on detached HEAD was broken.
-* when we refuse to detect renames because there are too many new or
- deleted files, 'git diff' did not say how many there are.
-* 'git push --mirror' tried and failed to push the stash; there is no
- point in sending it to begin with.
-* 'git push' did not update the remote tracking reference if the corresponding
- ref on the remote end happened to be already up to date.
-* 'git pull $there $branch:$current_branch' did not work when you were on
- a branch yet to be born.
-* when giving up resolving a conflicted merge, 'git reset --hard' failed
- to remove new paths from the working tree.
-* 'git send-email' had a small fd leak while scanning directory.
-* 'git status' incorrectly reported a submodule directory as an untracked
- directory.
-* 'git svn' used deprecated 'git-foo' form of subcommand invocation.
-* 'git update-ref -d' to remove a reference did not honor --no-deref option.
-* Plugged small memleaks here and there.
-* Also contains many documentation updates.