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+GIT v1.6.0.4 Release Notes
+Fixes since v1.6.0.3
+* 'git-add -p' said "No changes" when only binary files were changed.
+* git-archive did not work correctly in bare repositories.
+* when we refuse to detect renames because there are too many new or
+ deleted files, we did not say how many there are.
+* 'git-push --mirror' tried and failed to push the stash; there is no
+ point in sending it to begin with.
+* 'git-send-email' had a small fd leak while scanning directory.
+* git-svn used deprecated 'git-foo' form of subcommand invocaition.
+* Plugged small memleaks here and there.
+* Also contains many documentation updates.
+exec >/var/tmp/1
+echo O=$(git describe maint)
+git shortlog --no-merges $O..maint