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-GIT v1.6.0.3 Release Notes
-Fixes since v1.6.0.2
-* "git archive --format=zip" did not honor core.autocrlf while
- --format=tar did.
-* Continuing "git rebase -i" was very confused when the user left modified
- files in the working tree while resolving conflicts.
-* Continuing "git rebase -i" was also very confused when the user left
- some staged changes in the index after "edit".
-* "git rebase -i" now honors the pre-rebase hook, just like the
- other rebase implementations "git rebase" and "git rebase -m".
-* "git rebase -i" incorrectly aborted when there is no commit to replay.
-* Behaviour of "git diff --quiet" was inconsistent with "diff --exit-code"
- with the output redirected to /dev/null.
-* "git diff --no-index" on binary files no longer outputs a bogus
- "diff --git" header line.
-* "git diff" hunk header patterns with multiple elements separated by LF
- were not used correctly.
-* Hunk headers in "git diff" default to using extended regular
- expressions, fixing some of the internal patterns on non-GNU
- platforms.
-* New config "diff.*.xfuncname" exposes extended regular expressions
- for user specified hunk header patterns.
-* "git gc" when ejecting otherwise unreachable objects from packfiles into
- loose form leaked memory.
-* "git index-pack" was recently broken and mishandled objects added by
- thin-pack completion processing under memory pressure.
-* "git index-pack" was recently broken and misbehaved when run from inside
- .git/objects/pack/ directory.
-* "git stash apply sash@{1}" was fixed to error out. Prior versions
- would have applied stash@{0} incorrectly.
-* "git stash apply" now offers a better suggestion on how to continue
- if the working tree is currently dirty.
-* "git for-each-ref --format=%(subject)" fixed for commits with no
- no newline in the message body.
-* "git remote" fixed to protect printf from user input.
-* "git remote show -v" now displays all URLs of a remote.
-* "git checkout -b branch" was confused when branch already existed.
-* "git checkout -q" once again suppresses the locally modified file list.
-* "git clone -q", "git fetch -q" asks remote side to not send
- progress messages, actually making their output quiet.
-* Cross-directory renames are no longer used when creating packs. This
- allows more graceful behavior on filesystems like sshfs.
-* Stale temporary files under $GIT_DIR/objects/pack are now cleaned up
- automatically by "git prune".
-* "git merge" once again removes directories after the last file has
- been removed from it during the merge.
-* "git merge" did not allocate enough memory for the structure itself when
- enumerating the parents of the resulting commit.
-* "git blame -C -C" no longer segfaults while trying to pass blame if
- it encounters a submodule reference.
-* "git rm" incorrectly claimed that you have local modifications when a
- path was merely stat-dirty.
-* "git svn" fixed to display an error message when 'set-tree' failed,
- instead of a Perl compile error.
-* "git submodule" fixed to handle checking out a different commit
- than HEAD after initializing the submodule.
-* The "git commit" error message when there are still unmerged
- files present was clarified to match "git write-tree".
-* "git init" was confused when core.bare or core.sharedRepository are set
- in system or user global configuration file by mistake. When --bare or
- --shared is given from the command line, these now override such
- settings made outside the repositories.
-* Some segfaults due to uncaught NULL pointers were fixed in multiple
- tools such as apply, reset, update-index.
-* Solaris builds now default to OLD_ICONV=1 to avoid compile warnings;
- Solaris 8 does not define NEEDS_LIBICONV by default.
-* "" tests relied on unnecessarily more recent version of Perl.
-* "gitweb" triggered undef warning on commits without log messages.
-* "gitweb" triggered undef warnings on missing trees.
-* "gitweb" now removes PATH_INFO from its URLs so users don't have
- to manually set the URL in the gitweb configuration.
-* Bash completion removed support for legacy "git-fetch", "git-push"
- and "git-pull" as these are no longer installed. Dashless form
- ("git fetch") is still however supported.
-Many other documentation updates.