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@@ -446,6 +446,10 @@ Writing Documentation:
+ If a placeholder has multiple words, they are separated by dashes:
+ <new-branch-name>
+ --template=<template-directory>
Possibility of multiple occurrences is indicated by three dots:
(One or more of <file>.)
@@ -462,12 +466,12 @@ Writing Documentation:
(Zero or more of <patch>. Note that the dots are inside, not
outside the brackets.)
- Multiple alternatives are indicated with vertical bar:
+ Multiple alternatives are indicated with vertical bars:
[-q | --quiet]
[--utf8 | --no-utf8]
Parentheses are used for grouping:
- [(<rev>|<range>)...]
+ [(<rev> | <range>)...]
(Any number of either <rev> or <range>. Parens are needed to make
it clear that "..." pertains to both <rev> and <range>.)