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authorJunio C Hamano <>2022-05-20 22:23:57 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2022-05-20 22:27:00 (GMT)
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First batch for 2.37
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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diff --git a/Documentation/RelNotes/2.37.0.txt b/Documentation/RelNotes/2.37.0.txt
index ac8fd41..49082b9 100644
--- a/Documentation/RelNotes/2.37.0.txt
+++ b/Documentation/RelNotes/2.37.0.txt
@@ -6,6 +6,18 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
* "vimdiff[123]" mergetool drivers have been reimplemented with a
more generic layout mechanism.
+ * "git -v" and "git -h" are now understood as "git --version" and
+ "git --help".
+ * The temporary files fed to external diff command are now generated
+ inside a new temporary directory under the same basename.
+ * "git log --since=X" will stop traversal upon seeing a commit that
+ is older than X, but there may be commits behind it that is younger
+ than X when the commit was created with a faulty clock. A new
+ option is added to keep digging without stopping, and instead
+ filter out commits with timestamp older than X.
Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
@@ -13,6 +25,14 @@ Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
when "--untracked-files=<mode>" and "status.showUntrackedFiles"
are combined.
+ * "git stash" works better with sparse index entries.
+ * "git show :<path>" learned to work better with the sparse-index
+ feature.
+ * Introduce and apply coccinelle rule to discourage an explicit
+ comparison between a pointer and NULL, and applies the clean-up to
+ the maintenance track.
Fixes since v2.36
@@ -84,7 +104,43 @@ Fixes since v2.36
is given in "git status" not to use the break-rewrite heuristics.
(merge 84792322ed rs/commit-summary-wo-break-rewrite later to maint).
+ * Update a few end-user facing messages around eol conversion.
+ (merge c970d30c2c ah/convert-warning-message later to maint).
+ * Trace2 documentation updates.
+ (merge a6c80c313c js/trace2-doc-fixes later to maint).
+ * Build procedure fixup.
+ (merge 1fbfd96f50 mg/detect-compiler-in-c-locale later to maint).
+ * "git pull" without "--recurse-submodules=<arg>" made
+ submodule.recurse take precedence over fetch.recurseSubmodules by
+ mistake, which has been corrected.
+ (merge 5819417365 gc/pull-recurse-submodules later to maint).
+ * "git bisect" was too silent before it is ready to start computing
+ the actual bisection, which has been corrected.
+ (merge f11046e6de cd/bisect-messages-from-pre-flight-states later to maint).
+ * macOS CI jobs have been occasionally flaky due to tentative version
+ skew between perforce and the homebrew packager. Instead of
+ failing the whole CI job, just let it skip the p4 tests when this
+ happens.
+ (merge f15e00b463 cb/ci-make-p4-optional later to maint).
* Other code cleanup, docfix, build fix, etc.
(merge e6b2582da3 cm/reftable-0-length-memset later to maint).
(merge 0b75e5bf22 ab/misc-cleanup later to maint).
(merge 52e1ab8a76 ea/rebase-code-simplify later to maint).
+ (merge 756d15923b sg/safe-directory-tests-and-docs later to maint).
+ (merge d097a23bfa ds/do-not-call-bug-on-bad-refs later to maint).
+ (merge c36c27e75c rs/t7812-pcre2-ws-bug-test later to maint).
+ (merge 1da312742d gf/unused-includes later to maint).
+ (merge 465b30a92d pb/submodule-recurse-mode-enum later to maint).
+ (merge 82b28c4ed8 km/t3501-use-test-helpers later to maint).
+ (merge 72315e431b sa/t1011-use-helpers later to maint).
+ (merge 95b3002201 cg/vscode-with-gdb later to maint).
+ (merge fbe5f6b804 tk/p4-utf8-bom later to maint).
+ (merge 17f273ffba tk/p4-with-explicity-sync later to maint).
+ (merge 944db25c60 kf/p4-multiple-remotes later to maint).
+ (merge b014cee8de jc/update-ozlabs-url later to maint).