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Merge branch 'mm/readme-markdown'
Fix a few broken links in and also teach rpmbuild that there is no README. * mm/readme-markdown: don't take 'commandname' literally use, not README
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@@ -17,11 +17,11 @@ including full documentation and Git related tools.
See [Documentation/gittutorial.txt][] to get started, then see
[Documentation/giteveryday.txt][] for a useful minimum set of commands, and
-[Documentation/git-commandname.txt][] for documentation of each command.
+Documentation/git-*commandname*.txt for documentation of each command.
If git has been correctly installed, then the tutorial can also be
read with "man gittutorial" or "git help tutorial", and the
-documentation of each command with "man git-commandname" or "git help
+documentation of each command with "man git-*commandname*" or "git help
CVS users may also want to read [Documentation/gitcvs-migration.txt][]
("man gitcvs-migration" or "git help cvs-migration" if git is
@@ -57,6 +57,5 @@ and the name as (depending on your mood):
[Documentation/gittutorial.txt]: Documentation/gittutorial.txt
[Documentation/giteveryday.txt]: Documentation/giteveryday.txt
-[Documentation/git-commandname.txt]: Documentation/git-commandname.txt
[Documentation/gitcvs-migration.txt]: Documentation/gitcvs-migration.txt
[Documentation/SubmittingPatches]: Documentation/SubmittingPatches
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@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
%files -f bin-man-doc-files
-%doc README COPYING Documentation/*.txt
+%doc COPYING Documentation/*.txt
%{!?_without_docs: %doc Documentation/*.html Documentation/howto}
%{!?_without_docs: %doc Documentation/technical}