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Document git-merge-file
Most of this is derived from the documentation of RCS merge. Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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+git-merge-file - threeway file merge
+'git-merge-file' [-L <current-name> [-L <base-name> [-L <other-name>]]]
+ [-p|--stdout] [-q|--quiet] <current-file> <base-file> <other-file>
+git-file-merge incorporates all changes that lead from the `<base-file>`
+to `<other-file>` into `<current-file>`. The result ordinarily goes into
+`<current-file>`. git-merge-file is useful for combining separate changes
+to an original. Suppose `<base-file>` is the original, and both
+`<current-file>` and `<other-file>` are modifications of `<base-file>`.
+Then git-merge-file combines both changes.
+A conflict occurs if both `<current-file>` and `<other-file>` have changes
+in a common segment of lines. If a conflict is found, git-merge-file
+normally outputs a warning and brackets the conflict with <<<<<<< and
+>>>>>>> lines. A typical conflict will look like this:
+ <<<<<<< A
+ lines in file A
+ =======
+ lines in file B
+ >>>>>>> B
+If there are conflicts, the user should edit the result and delete one of
+the alternatives.
+The exit value of this program is negative on error, and the number of
+conflicts otherwise. If the merge was clean, the exit value is 0.
+git-merge-file is designed to be a minimal clone of RCS merge, that is, it
+implements all of RCS merge's functionality which is needed by
+-L <label>::
+ This option may be given up to three times, and
+ specifies labels to be used in place of the
+ corresponding file names in conflict reports. That is,
+ `git-merge-file -L x -L y -L z a b c` generates output that
+ looks like it came from files x, y and z instead of
+ from files a, b and c.
+ Send results to standard output instead of overwriting
+ `<current-file>`.
+ Quiet; do not warn about conflicts.
+git merge-file README README.upstream::
+ combines the changes of and README.upstream since README,
+ tries to merge them and writes the result into
+git merge-file -L a -L b -L c tmp/a123 tmp/b234 tmp/c345::
+ merges tmp/a123 and tmp/c345 with the base tmp/b234, but uses labels
+ `a` and `c` instead of `tmp/a123` and `tmp/c345`.
+Written by Johannes Schindelin <>
+Documentation by Johannes Schindelin and the git-list <>,
+with parts copied from the original documentation of RCS merge.
+Part of the gitlink:git[7] suite
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@@ -351,6 +351,9 @@ gitlink:git-init-db[1]::
Creates an empty git object database, or reinitialize an
existing one.
+ Runs a threeway merge.
Runs a merge for files needing merging.