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Added definitions for a few words:
fast forward pickaxe refspec tracking branch Wild hack allows "link:git-" prefix to reference commands too. Signed-off-by: Jon Loeliger <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -68,6 +68,14 @@ ent::
`` for an in-depth
+fast forward::
+ A fast-forward is a special type of merge where you have
+ a revision and you are "merging" another branch's changes
+ that happen to be a descendant of what you have.
+ In such these cases, you do not make a new merge commit but
+ instead just update to his revision. This will happen
+ frequently on a tracking branch of a remote repository.
Fetching a branch means to get the branch's head ref from a
remote repository, to find out which objects are missing from
@@ -160,6 +168,12 @@ parent::
A commit object contains a (possibly empty) list of the logical
predecessor(s) in the line of development, i.e. its parents.
+pickaxe:: The term pickaxe refers to an option to the diffcore routines
+ that help select changes that add or delete a given text string.
+ With the --pickaxe-all option, it can be used to view the
+ full changeset that introduced or removed, say, a particular
+ line of text. See gitlink:git-diff[1].
Cute name for core git.
@@ -193,6 +207,18 @@ ref::
A 40-byte hex representation of a SHA1 pointing to a particular
object. These may be stored in `$GIT_DIR/refs/`.
+ A refspec is used by fetch and push to describe the mapping
+ between remote ref and local ref. They are combined with
+ a colon in the format <src>:<dst>, preceded by an optional
+ plus sign, +. For example:
+ `git fetch $URL refs/heads/master:refs/heads/origin`
+ means "grab the master branch head from the $URL and store
+ it as my origin branch head".
+ And `git push $URL refs/heads/master:refs/heads/to-upstream`
+ means "publish my master branch head as to-upstream master head
+ at $URL". See also gitlink:git-push[1]
A collection of refs together with an object database containing
all objects, which are reachable from the refs, possibly accompanied
@@ -217,6 +243,13 @@ SCM::
Synonym for object name.
+tracking branch::
+ A regular git branch that is used to follow changes from
+ another repository. A tracking branch should not contain
+ direct modifications or made commits made locally.
+ A tracking branch can usually be identified as the
+ right-hand-side ref in a Pull: refspec.
tree object::
An object containing a list of file names and modes along with refs
to the associated blob and/or tree objects. A tree is equivalent
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--- a/Documentation/
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@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ This list is sorted alphabetically:
@keys=sort {uc($a) cmp uc($b)} keys %terms;
-$pattern='(\b'.join('\b|\b',reverse @keys).'\b)';
+$pattern='(\b(?<!link:git-)'.join('\b|\b(?<!link:git-)',reverse @keys).'\b)';
foreach $key (@keys) {
$terms{$key}=~s/$pattern/sprintf "<<ref_".no_spaces($1).",$1>>";/eg;
print '[[ref_'.no_spaces($key).']]'.$key."::\n"