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@@ -379,7 +379,7 @@ library for your script to use.
- test_expect_success [<prereq>] <message> <script>
- Usually takes two strings as parameter, and evaluates the
+ Usually takes two strings as parameters, and evaluates the
<script>. If it yields success, test is considered
successful. <message> should state what it is testing.
@@ -390,7 +390,7 @@ library for your script to use.
If you supply three parameters the first will be taken to be a
- prerequisite, see the test_set_prereq and test_have_prereq
+ prerequisite; see the test_set_prereq and test_have_prereq
documentation below:
test_expect_success TTY 'git --paginate rev-list uses a pager' \
@@ -446,7 +446,7 @@ library for your script to use.
Merges the given rev using the given message. Like test_commit,
creates a tag and calls test_tick before committing.
- - test_set_prereq SOME_PREREQ
+ - test_set_prereq <prereq>
Set a test prerequisite to be used later with test_have_prereq. The
test-lib will set some prerequisites for you, see the
@@ -456,7 +456,7 @@ library for your script to use.
test_have_prereq directly, or the three argument invocation of
test_expect_success and test_expect_failure.
- - test_have_prereq SOME PREREQ
+ - test_have_prereq <prereq>
Check if we have a prerequisite previously set with
test_set_prereq. The most common use of this directly is to skip
@@ -526,12 +526,13 @@ library for your script to use.
Check whether a file has the length it is expected to.
- - test_path_is_file <file> [<diagnosis>]
- test_path_is_dir <dir> [<diagnosis>]
+ - test_path_is_file <path> [<diagnosis>]
+ test_path_is_dir <path> [<diagnosis>]
test_path_is_missing <path> [<diagnosis>]
- Check whether a file/directory exists or doesn't. <diagnosis> will
- be displayed if the test fails.
+ Check if the named path is a file, if the named path is a
+ directory, or if the named path does not exist, respectively,
+ and fail otherwise, showing the <diagnosis> text.
- test_when_finished <script>