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+Git v2.4.3 Release Notes
+Fixes since v2.4.3
+ * Error messages from "git branch" called remote-tracking branches as
+ "remote branches".
+ * "git rerere forget" in a repository without rerere enabled gave a
+ cryptic error message; it should be a silent no-op instead.
+ * "git pull --log" and "git pull --no-log" worked as expected, but
+ "git pull --log=20" did not.
+ * The pull.ff configuration was supposed to override the merge.ff
+ configuration, but it didn't.
+ * The code to read pack-bitmap wanted to allocate a few hundred
+ pointers to a structure, but by mistake allocated and leaked memory
+ enough to hold that many actual structures. Correct the allocation
+ size and also have it on stack, as it is small enough.
+ * Various documentation mark-up fixes to make the output more
+ consistent in general and also make AsciiDoctor (an alternative
+ formatter) happier.
+ * "git bundle verify" did not diagnose extra parameters on the
+ command line.
+ * Multi-ref transaction support we merged a few releases ago
+ unnecessarily kept many file descriptors open, risking to fail with
+ resource exhaustion.
+ * The ref API did not handle cases where 'refs/heads/xyzzy/frotz' is
+ removed at the same time as 'refs/heads/xyzzy' is added (or vice
+ versa) very well.
+ * The "log --decorate" enhancement in Git 2.4 that shows the commit
+ at the tip of the current branch e.g. "HEAD -> master", did not
+ work with --decorate=full.
+ * There was a commented-out (instead of being marked to expect
+ failure) test that documented a breakage that was fixed since the
+ test was written; turn it into a proper test.
+ * core.excludesfile (defaulting to $XDG_HOME/git/ignore) is supposed
+ to be overridden by repository-specific .git/info/exclude file, but
+ the order was swapped from the beginning. This belatedly fixes it.
+ * The connection initiation code for "ssh" transport tried to absorb
+ differences between the stock "ssh" and Putty-supplied "plink" and
+ its derivatives, but the logic to tell that we are using "plink"
+ variants were too loose and falsely triggered when "plink" appeared
+ anywhere in the path (e.g. "/home/me/bin/uplink/ssh").
+ * "git rebase -i" moved the "current" command from "todo" to "done" a
+ bit too prematurely, losing a step when a "pick" did not even start.
+ * "git add -e" did not allow the user to abort the operation by
+ killing the editor.
+ * Git 2.4 broke setting verbosity and progress levels on "git clone"
+ with native transports.
+ * Some time ago, "git blame" (incorrectly) lost the convert_to_git()
+ call when synthesizing a fake "tip" commit that represents the
+ state in the working tree, which broke folks who record the history
+ with LF line ending to make their project portabile across
+ platforms while terminating lines in their working tree files with
+ CRLF for their platform.
+ * Code clean-up for xdg configuration path support.
+Also contains typofixes, documentation updates and trivial code
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@@ -43,9 +43,10 @@ unreleased) version of Git, that is available from the 'master'
branch of the `git.git` repository.
Documentation for older releases are available here:
-* link:v2.4.2/git.html[documentation for release 2.4.2]
+* link:v2.4.3/git.html[documentation for release 2.4.3]
* release notes for
+ link:RelNotes/2.4.3.txt[2.4.3],