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Merge branch 'nd/remote-update-doc'
"git remote update" can take both a single remote nickname and a nickname for remote groups, but only one of them was documented. * nd/remote-update-doc: remote: doc typofix remote.txt: update documentation for 'update' command
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@@ -186,8 +186,8 @@ actually prune them.
-Fetch updates for a named set of remotes in the repository as defined by
-remotes.<group>. If a named group is not specified on the command line,
+Fetch updates for remotes or remote groups in the repository as defined by
+remotes.<group>. If neither group nor remote is specified on the command line,
the configuration parameter remotes.default will be used; if
remotes.default is not defined, all remotes which do not have the
configuration parameter remote.<name>.skipDefaultUpdate set to true will