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Sixth batch for 2.19 cycle
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -50,6 +50,21 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
ancestor discovery during the "git fetch" transaction.
(merge 42cc7485a2 jt/fetch-negotiator-skipping later to maint).
+ * A new configuration variable core.usereplacerefs has been added,
+ primarily to help server installations that want to ignore the
+ replace mechanism altogether.
+ * Teach "git tag -s" etc. a few configuration variables (gpg.format
+ that can be set to "openpgp" or "x509", and gpg.<format>.program
+ that is used to specify what program to use to deal with the format)
+ to allow x.509 certs with CMS via "gpgsm" to be used instead of
+ openpgp via "gnupg".
+ * Many more strings are prepared for l10n.
+ * "git p4 submit" learns to ask its own pre-submit hook if it should
+ continue with submitting.
Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
@@ -157,6 +172,27 @@ Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
* The singleton commit-graph in-core instance is made per in-core
repository instance.
+ * "make DEVELOPER=1 DEVOPTS=pedantic" allows developers to compile
+ with -pedantic option, which may catch more problematic program
+ constructs and potential bugs.
+ * Preparatory code to later add json output for telemetry data has
+ been added.
+ * Update the way we use Coccinelle to find out-of-style code that
+ need to be modernised.
+ * It is too easy to misuse system API functions such as strcat();
+ these selected functions are now forbidden in this codebase and
+ will cause a compilation failure.
+ * Add a script (in contrib/) to help users of VSCode work better with
+ our codebase.
+ * The Travis CI scripts were taught to ship back the test data from
+ failed tests.
+ (merge aea8879a6a sg/travis-retrieve-trash-upon-failure later to maint).
Fixes since v2.18
@@ -329,6 +365,40 @@ Fixes since v2.18
* The lazy clone support had a few places where missing but promised
objects were not correctly tolerated, which have been fixed.
+ * One of the "diff --color-moved" mode "dimmed_zebra" that was named
+ in an unusual way has been deprecated and replaced by
+ "dimmed-zebra".
+ (merge e3f2f5f9cd es/diff-color-moved-fix later to maint).
+ * The wire-protocol v2 relies on the client to send "ref prefixes" to
+ limit the bandwidth spent on the initial ref advertisement. "git
+ clone" when learned to speak v2 forgot to do so, which has been
+ corrected.
+ (merge 402c47d939 bw/clone-ref-prefixes later to maint).
+ * "git diff --histogram" had a bad memory usage pattern, which has
+ been rearranged to reduce the peak usage.
+ (merge 79cb2ebb92 sb/histogram-less-memory later to maint).
+ * Code clean-up to use size_t/ssize_t when they are the right type.
+ (merge 7726d360b5 jk/size-t later to maint).
+ * The wire-protocol v2 relies on the client to send "ref prefixes" to
+ limit the bandwidth spent on the initial ref advertisement. "git
+ fetch $remote branch:branch" that asks tags that point into the
+ history leading to the "branch" automatically followed sent to
+ narrow prefix and broke the tag following, which has been fixed.
+ (merge 2b554353a5 jt/tag-following-with-proto-v2-fix later to maint).
+ * When the sparse checkout feature is in use, "git cherry-pick" and
+ other mergy operations lost the skip_worktree bit when a path that
+ is excluded from checkout requires content level merge, which is
+ resolved as the same as the HEAD version, without materializing the
+ merge result in the working tree, which made the path appear as
+ deleted. This has been corrected by preserving the skip_worktree
+ bit (and not materializing the file in the working tree).
+ (merge 2b75fb601c en/merge-recursive-skip-fix later to maint).
* Code cleanup, docfix, build fix, etc.
(merge aee9be2ebe sg/update-ref-stdin-cleanup later to maint).
(merge 037714252f jc/clean-after-sanity-tests later to maint).
@@ -344,3 +414,10 @@ Fixes since v2.18
(merge 6aaded5509 tb/config-default later to maint).
(merge 022d2ac1f3 sb/blame-color later to maint).
(merge 5a06a20e0c bp/test-drop-caches-for-windows later to maint).
+ (merge dd61cc1c2e jk/ui-color-always-to-auto later to maint).
+ (merge 1e83b9bfdd sb/trailers-docfix later to maint).
+ (merge ab29f1b329 sg/fast-import-dump-refs-on-checkpoint-fix later to maint).
+ (merge 6a8ad880f0 jn/subtree-test-fixes later to maint).
+ (merge ffbd51cc60 nd/pack-objects-threading-doc later to maint).
+ (merge e9dac7be60 es/mw-to-git-chain-fix later to maint).
+ (merge fe583c6c7a rs/remote-mv-leakfix later to maint).