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In order to determine what URL to use to fetch from, the value
of the configuration `remote.<origin>.url` is consulted
-and if there is not any such variable, the value on `URL: ` line
-in `$GIT_DIR/remotes/<origin>` file is used.
+and if there is not any such variable, the value on the `URL:` line
+in `$GIT_DIR/remotes/<origin>` is used.
In order to determine what remote branches to fetch (and
optionally store in the remote-tracking branches) when the command is
run without any refspec parameters on the command line, values
of the configuration variable `remote.<origin>.fetch` are
consulted, and if there aren't any, `$GIT_DIR/remotes/<origin>`
-file is consulted and its `Pull: ` lines are used.
+is consulted and its `Pull:` lines are used.
In addition to the refspec formats described in the OPTIONS
section, you can have a globbing refspec that looks like this: