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Start preparation for 2.15.1
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+Git v2.15.1 Release Notes
+Fixes since v2.15
+ * TravisCI build updates.
+ * "auto" as a value for the columnar output configuration ought to
+ judge "is the output consumed by humans?" with the same criteria as
+ "auto" for coloured output configuration, i.e. either the standard
+ output stream is going to tty, or a pager is in use. We forgot the
+ latter, which has been fixed.
+ * The experimental "color moved lines differently in diff output"
+ feature was buggy around "ignore whitespace changes" edges, whihch
+ has been corrected.
+ * Instead of using custom line comparison and hashing functions to
+ implement "moved lines" coloring in the diff output, use the pair
+ of these functions from lower-layer xdiff/ code.
+ * Some codepaths did not check for errors when asking what branch the
+ HEAD points at, which have been fixed.
+ * "git commit", after making a commit, did not check for errors when
+ asking on what branch it made the commit, which has been correted.
+ * "git status --ignored -u" did not stop at a working tree of a
+ separate project that is embedded in an ignored directory and
+ listed files in that other project, instead of just showing the
+ directory itself as ignored.
+ * A broken access to object databases in recent update to "git grep
+ --recurse-submodules" has been fixed.
+ * A recent regression in "git rebase -i" that broke execution of git
+ commands from subdirectories via "exec" insn has been fixed.
+ * "git check-ref-format --branch @{-1}" bit a "BUG()" when run
+ outside a repository for obvious reasons; clarify the documentation
+ and make sure we do not even try to expand the at-mark magic in
+ such a case, but still call the validation logic for branch names.
+ * Command line completion (in contrib/) update.
+ * Description of blame.{showroot,blankboundary,showemail,date}
+ configuration variables have been added to "git config --help".
+ * After an error from lstat(), diff_populate_filespec() function
+ sometimes still went ahead and used invalid data in struct stat,
+ which has been fixed.
+ * UNC paths are also relevant in Cygwin builds and they are now
+ tested just like Mingw builds.
+ * Correct start-up sequence so that a repository could be placed
+ immediately under the root directory again (which was broken at
+ around Git 2.13).
+ * The credential helper for libsecret (in contrib/) has been improved
+ to allow possibly prompting the end user to unlock secrets that are
+ currently locked (otherwise the secrets may not be loaded).
+ * Updates from GfW project.
+Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.
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