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authorJunio C Hamano <>2014-05-21 18:50:35 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2014-05-21 18:50:35 (GMT)
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Update draft release notes to 2.0
Hopefully for the last time ;-) Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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diff --git a/Documentation/RelNotes/2.0.0.txt b/Documentation/RelNotes/2.0.0.txt
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--- a/Documentation/RelNotes/2.0.0.txt
+++ b/Documentation/RelNotes/2.0.0.txt
@@ -55,8 +55,9 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
* The "multi-mail" post-receive hook (in contrib/) has been updated
to a more recent version from upstream.
- * The "remote-hg/bzr" remote-helper interfaces (in contrib/) are
- now maintained separately as a third-party plug-in.
+ * The "remote-hg/bzr" remote-helper interfaces (used to be in
+ contrib/) are no more. They are now maintained separately as
+ third-party plug-ins in their own repositories.
* "git gc --aggressive" learned "--depth" option and
"gc.aggressiveDepth" configuration variable to allow use of a less
@@ -190,12 +191,7 @@ notes for details).
* The shell prompt script (in contrib/), when using the PROMPT_COMMAND
interface, used an unsafe construct when showing the branch name in
- (merge 8976500 rh/prompt-pcmode-avoid-eval-on-refname later to maint).
- * The remote-helper interface to fast-import/fast-export via the
- transport-helper has been tightened to avoid leaving the import
- marks file from a failed/crashed run, as such a file that is out-of-
- sync with reality confuses a later invocation of itself.
+ (merge 1e4119c8 rh/prompt-pcmode-avoid-eval-on-refname later to maint).
* "git rebase" used a POSIX shell construct FreeBSD's /bin/sh does not
work well with.
@@ -344,7 +340,7 @@ notes for details).
the pathspec is given as an absolute pathname (which is a
practice not particularly encouraged) that points at a symbolic
link in the working tree.
- (merge later 655ee9e mw/symlinks to maint.)
+ (merge 6127ff6 mw/symlinks later to maint.)
* "git diff --quiet -- pathspec1 pathspec2" sometimes did not return
the correct status value.