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- `Documentation/SubmittingPatches`
- `Documentation/howto/new-command.txt`
+=== Getting Help
+If you get stuck, you can seek help in the following places.
+This is the main Git project mailing list where code reviews, version
+announcements, design discussions, and more take place. Those interested in
+contributing are welcome to post questions here. The Git list requires
+plain-text-only emails and prefers inline and bottom-posting when replying to
+mail; you will be CC'd in all replies to you. Optionally, you can subscribe to
+the list by sending an email to with "subscribe git"
+in the body. The[archive] of this mailing list is
+available to view in a browser.
+This mailing list is targeted to new contributors and was created as a place to
+post questions and receive answers outside of the public eye of the main list.
+Veteran contributors who are especially interested in helping mentor newcomers
+are present on the list. In order to avoid search indexers, group membership is
+required to view messages; anyone can join and no approval is required.
+====[#git-devel] on Freenode
+This IRC channel is for conversations between Git contributors. If someone is
+currently online and knows the answer to your question, you can receive help
+in real time. Otherwise, you can read the
+[scrollback] to see
+whether someone answered you. IRC does not allow offline private messaging, so
+if you try to private message someone and then log out of IRC, they cannot
+respond to you. It's better to ask your questions in the channel so that you
+can be answered if you disconnect and so that others can learn from the
== Getting Started