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Update the git-branch man page to include the "-r" option,
and fix up asciidoc "callouts" Signed-off-by: Sean Estabrooks <>
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@@ -3,22 +3,27 @@ git-branch(1)
-git-branch - Create a new branch, or remove an old one
+git-branch - List, create, or delete branches.
-'git-branch' [[-f] <branchname> [<start-point>]]
-'git-branch' (-d | -D) <branchname>
+'git-branch' [-r]
+'git-branch' [-f] <branchname> [<start-point>]
+'git-branch' (-d | -D) <branchname>...
-If no argument is provided, show available branches and mark current
-branch with star. Otherwise, create a new branch of name <branchname>.
-If a starting point is also specified, that will be where the branch is
-created, otherwise it will be created at the current HEAD.
+With no arguments given (or just `-r`) a list of available branches
+will be shown, the current branch will be highlighted with an asterisk.
-With a `-d` or `-D` option, `<branchname>` will be deleted.
+In its second form, a new branch named <branchname> will be created.
+It will start out with a head equal to the one given as <start-point>.
+If no <start-point> is given, the branch will be created with a head
+equal to that of the currently checked out branch.
+With a `-d` or `-D` option, `<branchname>` will be deleted. You may
+specify more than one branch for deletion.
@@ -30,40 +35,56 @@ OPTIONS
Delete a branch irrespective of its index status.
- Force a reset of <branchname> to <start-point> (or current head).
+ Force the creation of a new branch even if it means deleting
+ a branch that already exists with the same name.
+ List only the "remote" branches.
The name of the branch to create or delete.
- Where to create the branch; defaults to HEAD. This
- option has no meaning with -d and -D.
+ The new branch will be created with a HEAD equal to this. It may
+ be given as a branch name, a commit-id, or a tag. If this option
+ is omitted, the current branch is assumed.
Start development off of a known tag::
$ git clone git:// my2.6
$ cd my2.6
-$ git branch my2.6.14 v2.6.14 <1>
+$ git branch my2.6.14 v2.6.14 <1>
$ git checkout my2.6.14
-<1> These two steps are the same as "checkout -b my2.6.14 v2.6.14".
+<1> This step and the next one could be combined into a single step with
+"checkout -b my2.6.14 v2.6.14".
Delete unneeded branch::
$ git clone git:// my.git
$ cd my.git
-$ git branch -D todo <1>
+$ git branch -D todo <1>
<1> delete todo branch even if the "master" branch does not have all
commits from todo branch.
+If you are creating a branch that you want to immediately checkout, it's
+easier to use the git checkout command with its `-b` option to create
+a branch and check it out with a single command.
diff --git a/ b/
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@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-USAGE='[(-d | -D) <branchname>] | [[-f] <branchname> [<start-point>]]'
+USAGE='[(-d | -D) <branchname>] | [[-f] <branchname> [<start-point>]] | -r'
LONG_USAGE='If no arguments, show available branches and mark current branch with a star.
If one argument, create a new branch <branchname> based off of current HEAD.
If two arguments, create a new branch <branchname> based off of <start-point>.'