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Git 2.5.2v2.5.2
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+Git v2.5.2 Release Notes
+Fixes since v2.5.1
+ * "git init empty && git -C empty log" said "bad default revision 'HEAD'",
+ which was found to be a bit confusing to new users.
+ * The "interpret-trailers" helper mistook a multi-paragraph title of
+ a commit log message with a colon in it as the end of the trailer
+ block.
+ * When re-priming the cache-tree opportunistically while committing
+ the in-core index as-is, we mistakenly invalidated the in-core
+ index too aggressively, causing the experimental split-index code
+ to unnecessarily rewrite the on-disk index file(s).
+ * "git archive" did not use zip64 extension when creating an archive
+ with more than 64k entries, which nobody should need, right ;-)?
+ * The code in "multiple-worktree" support that attempted to recover
+ from an inconsistent state updated an incorrect file.
+ * "git rev-list" does not take "--notes" option, but did not complain
+ when one is given.
+ * Because the configuration system does not allow "alias.0foo" and
+ "pager.0foo" as the configuration key, the user cannot use '0foo'
+ as a custom command name anyway, but "git 0foo" tried to look these
+ keys up and emitted useless warnings before saying '0foo is not a
+ git command'. These warning messages have been squelched.
+ * We recently rewrote one of the build scripts in Perl, which made it
+ necessary to have Perl to build Git. Reduced Perl dependency by
+ rewriting it again using sed.
+ * t1509 test that requires a dedicated VM environment had some
+ bitrot, which has been corrected.
+ * strbuf_read() used to have one extra iteration (and an unnecessary
+ strbuf_grow() of 8kB), which was eliminated.
+ * The codepath to produce error messages had a hard-coded limit to
+ the size of the message, primarily to avoid memory allocation while
+ calling die().
+ * When trying to see that an object does not exist, a state errno
+ leaked from our "first try to open a packfile with O_NOATIME and
+ then if it fails retry without it" logic on a system that refuses
+ O_NOATIME. This confused us and caused us to die, saying that the
+ packfile is unreadable, when we should have just reported that the
+ object does not exist in that packfile to the caller.
+ * An off-by-one error made "git remote" to mishandle a remote with a
+ single letter nickname.
+ * A handful of codepaths that used to use fixed-sized arrays to hold
+ pathnames have been corrected to use strbuf and other mechanisms to
+ allow longer pathnames without fearing overflows.
+Also contains typofixes, documentation updates and trivial code
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@@ -43,9 +43,10 @@ unreleased) version of Git, that is available from the 'master'
branch of the `git.git` repository.
Documentation for older releases are available here:
-* link:v2.5.1/git.html[documentation for release 2.5.1]
+* link:v2.5.2/git.html[documentation for release 2.5.2]
* release notes for
+ link:RelNotes/2.5.2.txt[2.5.2],
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