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Merge branch 'nd/ignore-glob-doc-update'
Doc update. * nd/ignore-glob-doc-update: gitignore.txt: elaborate shell glob syntax
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@@ -102,12 +102,11 @@ PATTERN FORMAT
(relative to the toplevel of the work tree if not from a
`.gitignore` file).
- - Otherwise, Git treats the pattern as a shell glob suitable
- for consumption by fnmatch(3) with the FNM_PATHNAME flag:
- wildcards in the pattern will not match a / in the pathname.
- For example, "Documentation/{asterisk}.html" matches
- "Documentation/git.html" but not "Documentation/ppc/ppc.html"
- or "tools/perf/Documentation/perf.html".
+ - Otherwise, Git treats the pattern as a shell glob: "`*`" matches
+ anything except "`/`", "`?`" matches any one character except "`/`"
+ and "`[]`" matches one character in a selected range. See
+ fnmatch(3) and the FNM_PATHNAME flag for a more detailed
+ description.
- A leading slash matches the beginning of the pathname.
For example, "/{asterisk}.c" matches "cat-file.c" but not