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git-add --interactive
A script to be driven when the user says "git add --interactive" is introduced. When it is run, first it runs its internal 'status' command to show the current status, and then goes into its internactive command loop. The command loop shows the list of subcommands available, and gives a prompt "What now> ". In general, when the prompt ends with a single '>', you can pick only one of the choices given and type return, like this: *** Commands *** 1: status 2: update 3: revert 4: add untracked 5: patch 6: diff 7: quit 8: help What now> 1 You also could say "s" or "sta" or "status" above as long as the choice is unique. The main command loop has 6 subcommands (plus help and quit). * 'status' shows the change between HEAD and index (i.e. what will be committed if you say "git commit"), and between index and working tree files (i.e. what you could stage further before "git commit" using "git-add") for each path. A sample output looks like this: staged unstaged path 1: binary nothing foo.png 2: +403/-35 +1/-1 git-add--interactive.perl It shows that foo.png has differences from HEAD (but that is binary so line count cannot be shown) and there is no difference between indexed copy and the working tree version (if the working tree version were also different, 'binary' would have been shown in place of 'nothing'). The other file, git-add--interactive.perl, has 403 lines added and 35 lines deleted if you commit what is in the index, but working tree file has further modifications (one addition and one deletion). * 'update' shows the status information and gives prompt "Update>>". When the prompt ends with double '>>', you can make more than one selection, concatenated with whitespace or comma. Also you can say ranges. E.g. "2-5 7,9" to choose 2,3,4,5,7,9 from the list. You can say '*' to choose everything. What you chose are then highlighted with '*', like this: staged unstaged path 1: binary nothing foo.png * 2: +403/-35 +1/-1 git-add--interactive.perl To remove selection, prefix the input with - like this: Update>> -2 After making the selection, answer with an empty line to stage the contents of working tree files for selected paths in the index. * 'revert' has a very similar UI to 'update', and the staged information for selected paths are reverted to that of the HEAD version. Reverting new paths makes them untracked. * 'add untracked' has a very similar UI to 'update' and 'revert', and lets you add untracked paths to the index. * 'patch' lets you choose one path out of 'status' like selection. After choosing the path, it presents diff between the index and the working tree file and asks you if you want to stage the change of each hunk. You can say: y - add the change from that hunk to index n - do not add the change from that hunk to index a - add the change from that hunk and all the rest to index d - do not the change from that hunk nor any of the rest to index j - do not decide on this hunk now, and view the next undecided hunk J - do not decide on this hunk now, and view the next hunk k - do not decide on this hunk now, and view the previous undecided hunk K - do not decide on this hunk now, and view the previous hunk After deciding the fate for all hunks, if there is any hunk that was chosen, the index is updated with the selected hunks. * 'diff' lets you review what will be committed (i.e. between HEAD and index). This is still rough, but does everything except a few things I think are needed. * 'patch' should be able to allow splitting a hunk into multiple hunks. * 'patch' does not adjust the line offsets @@ -k,l +m,n @@ in the hunk header. This does not have major problem in practice, but it _should_ do the adjustment. * It does not have any explicit support for a merge in progress; it may not work at all. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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