BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
clop_ec2Only allow specific worker version to run clop for nowGary Linscott7 years
masterUpdate reCAPTCHA public keyppigazzini24 hours
mcostalba_new_sprtUpdate the corresponding javascript code tooMarco Costalba12 months
no_profile_buildDon't use profile-build in fishtestMarco Costalba3 years
spsaUpgrade worker versionGary Linscott6 years
workerMerge branch 'master' into workerMarco Costalba7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
24 hoursUpdate reCAPTCHA public keyHEADmasterppigazzini
24 hoursRed color when pending usersTom Vijlbrief
28 hoursFix create_indices for Python 3Tom Vijlbrief
2 daysSmall SPSA speedup with several code improvementsppigazzini
2 daysDrop another MongoDb indexTom Vijlbrief
3 daysRaise worker version to 70 (server side)ppigazzini
4 daysdrop deleted index on runsTom Vijlbrief
5 daysSmall speedup of SPSA by removing unneeded codeTom Vijlbrief
7 daysRetire unused 'old_user_cache' MongoDb collectionTom Vijlbrief
7 daysSpeedup backup using mongodump optionsppigazzini