BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
clop_ec2Only allow specific worker version to run clop for nowGary Linscott7 years
masterShow number of github comments on the diff when viewing testsLinmiao Xu10 hours
no_profile_buildDon't use profile-build in fishtestMarco Costalba4 years
spsaUpgrade worker versionGary Linscott6 years
workerMerge branch 'master' into workerMarco Costalba7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 hoursShow number of github comments on the diff when viewing testsHEADmasterLinmiao Xu
10 hoursStore whether master diff matches base branch upon test creationLinmiao Xu
30 hoursDon't show base branch comparison message for old finished testsLinmiao Xu
32 hoursMake sure book exists in official repo when validating testsLinmiao Xu
34 hoursShow # active tests on homepage. Move active machines sectionLinmiao Xu
36 hoursMerge pull request #561 from linrock/colored-diffsppigazzini
36 hoursShow result of comparing base branch with master on pending testsLinmiao Xu
36 hoursAdd colored syntax highlighting to diffsrefs/pull/561/headLinmiao Xu
44 hoursUpdate the list of authors and contributorsppigazzini
44 hoursInsert diff contents above tasks section on tests_view pagesLinmiao Xu