AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-14tests/: Add t0111-filter.shlf/filterLukas Fleischer
2014-01-14filter: refactor cgit_new_filter()Lukas Fleischer
2014-01-14makefile: auto-detect presence of various Lua, bsdJason A. Donenfeld
2014-01-14filter: style tweaksJason A. Donenfeld
2014-01-14filter: add page source to email filterJason A. Donenfeld
2014-01-14filter: add gravatar scriptsJason A. Donenfeld
2014-01-14filter: add support for email filterJason A. Donenfeld
2014-01-14filter: return on null filter from open and closeJason A. Donenfeld
2014-01-14filter: add lua supportJason A. Donenfeld
2014-01-14filter: basic write hooking infrastructureJason A. Donenfeld
2014-01-14filter: allow for cleanup hook for filter typesJason A. Donenfeld
2014-01-14filter: introduce "filter type" prefixJohn Keeping
2014-01-14filter: add interface layerJohn Keeping
2014-01-14filter: add fprintf_filter functionJohn Keeping
2014-01-14authors: specify maintainersJason A. Donenfeld
2014-01-13filters: Improved syntax-highlighting.pyStefan Tatschner
2014-01-12tests: add CGIT_TEST_OPTS variable to MakefileJohn Keeping
2014-01-12ui-repolist: HTML-escape cgit_rooturl() responseJohn Keeping
2014-01-12ui-shared: URL-escape script_nameJohn Keeping
2014-01-12ui-refs: escape HTML chars in author and tagger namesJohn Keeping
2014-01-12filter: pass extra arguments via cgit_open_filterJohn Keeping
2014-01-12ui-snapshot: set unused cgit_filter fields to zeroJohn Keeping
2014-01-12html: remove redundant htmlfd variableJohn Keeping
2014-01-12tests: add Valgrind supportJohn Keeping
2014-01-12cache: don't leave cache_slot fields uninitializedJohn Keeping
2014-01-10filter: split filter functions into their own fileJason A. Donenfeld
2014-01-10filter: make exit status localJason A. Donenfeld
2014-01-10parsing: fix header typoJason A. Donenfeld
2014-01-10cgit.c: Fix comment on bit mask hackLukas Fleischer
2014-01-10cgit.c: Use "else" for mutually exclusive branchesLukas Fleischer
2014-01-10ui-snapshot.c: Do not reinvent suffixcmp()Lukas Fleischer
2014-01-10Refactor cgit_parse_snapshots_mask()Lukas Fleischer
2014-01-10Disallow use of undocumented snapshot delimitersLukas Fleischer
2014-01-10Replace most uses of strncmp() with prefixcmp()Lukas Fleischer
2014-01-09README: Fix dependenciesLukas Fleischer
2014-01-08README: Spelling and formatting fixesLukas Fleischer
2014-01-08Fix UTF-8 with syntax-highlighting.pyPřemysl Janouch
2014-01-08Add a suggestion to the manpagePřemysl Janouch
2014-01-08Fix the example configurationPřemysl Janouch
2014-01-08Fix about-formatting.shPřemysl Janouch
2014-01-08Fix some spelling errorsPřemysl Janouch
2014-01-08filters: add css comments for highlight 2.6 and 3.8Ferry Huberts
2014-01-08Add AUTHORS fileLukas Fleischer
2014-01-08Update copyright informationLukas Fleischer
2014-01-08git: update to 1.8.5Christian Hesse
2014-01-08Reduce line number bloat, fix hover effectPeter Wu
2014-01-08plain: don't append charset for binary MIME typesJohn Keeping
2014-01-08ui-log.c: Several simplificationsLukas Fleischer
2014-01-08Use argv_array in place of vectorLukas Fleischer
2014-01-08ui-stats.c: Remove unused macroLukas Fleischer