AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-10config: make empty js= omit script tagHEADmasterSamuel Lidén Borell
2022-12-19js: add dynamic age updateAndy Green
2022-12-19config: add jsAndy Green
2022-12-19css: change to be a listAndy Green
2022-12-19cgitrc: handle value "0" for max-repo-countChristian Hesse
2022-12-19cache: tolerate short writes in print_slotHristo Venev
2022-12-19global: use release_commit_memory()John Keeping
2022-12-19css: reset font size for blame oidJohn Keeping
2022-12-19ui-blame: add a link to the parent commit in blameJohn Keeping
2022-12-19about: allow to give head from queryChristian Hesse
2022-12-19html: fix handling of null bytePeter Prohaska
2022-12-19ui-atom: generate valid Atom feedsJune McEnroe
2022-12-19ui-shared: use owner-filter for repo page headersJune McEnroe
2022-12-19ui-commit: use git raw note formatChris Mayo
2022-12-19ui-repolist,ui-shared: remove redundant title on repo anchorsChris Mayo
2022-12-19ui-commit: show subject in commit page titleJune McEnroe
2022-12-19ui-tree: show symlink targets in tree listingJune McEnroe
2022-12-19ui-tree,ui-blame: bail from blame if blob is binaryJune McEnroe
2022-12-19git: update to v2.39.0Christian Hesse
2022-12-19git: update to v2.38.2Christian Hesse
2022-12-19git: update to v2.38.1Christian Hesse
2022-12-19git: update to v2.38.0Christian Hesse
2022-12-19git: update to v2.37.3Christian Hesse
2022-12-19git: update to v2.37.2Christian Hesse
2022-12-19git: update to v2.37.1Christian Hesse
2022-12-19git: update to v2.37.0Christian Hesse
2022-12-19git: update to v2.36.1Christian Hesse
2022-12-19shared: fix bad free in cgit_diff_treeJune McEnroe
2022-04-18git: update to v2.36.0Christian Hesse
2022-04-18git: update to v2.35.3Christian Hesse
2022-04-12git: update to v2.35.2Christian Hesse
2022-01-29git: update to v2.35.1Christian Hesse
2022-01-24git: update to v2.35.0Christian Hesse
2021-11-24git: update to v2.34.1Christian Hesse
2021-11-15git: update to v2.34.0Christian Hesse
2021-11-03git: update to v2.33.0Christian Hesse
2021-06-08git: update to v2.32.0Christian Hesse
2021-05-18git: update to v2.31.1Christian Hesse
2021-05-12md2html: use proper formatting for hrChristian Hesse
2021-03-16git: update to v2.31.0Christian Hesse
2021-02-10git: update to v2.30.1Christian Hesse
2020-12-29tests: t0107: support older and/or non-GNU tarTodd Zullinger
2020-12-29md2html: use sane_lists extensionJason A. Donenfeld
2020-12-29git: update to v2.30.0Christian Hesse
2020-10-30git: update to v2.29.2Christian Hesse
2020-10-27git: update to v2.29.1Christian Hesse
2020-10-21tests: try with commit-graphChristian Hesse
2020-10-21tests: do not copy snapshots to /tmp/Christian Hesse
2020-10-20global: replace hard coded hash lengthChristian Hesse
2020-10-20global: replace references to 'sha1' with 'oid'Christian Hesse