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@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ This is a compilation of frequently asked questions on the cgit mailing
list. If you've got a cgit problem and cannot find an answer here, please
send a request to (and consider sending a patch to the
cgit wiki branch to update this faq if you get a nice answer to your
+question). The project also maintains the #cgit channel on Libera.Chat.
### Why doesn't cgit find/show my repo?
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cgit Quick Facts
- * web interface ([cgi][]) for [Git][git] repositories, written in [C][]
- * licensed under [GPLv2][]
+ * web interface ([cgi][]) for [Git][git] repositories, written in [C][].
+ * licensed under [GPLv2][].
* discussions, patches etc. go to the [list][] ([signup][], [archive][]).
+ * real time chat available in #cgit on Libera.Chat.
* common questions are answered in the [FAQ][faq].