BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2017.02.xUpdate for 2017.02.11Peter Korsgaard20 months
2018.02.xUpdate for 2018.02.12Peter Korsgaard8 months
2018.05.xUpdate for 2018.05.3Peter Korsgaard14 months
2018.08.xUpdate for 2018.08.4Peter Korsgaard12 months
2018.11.xUpdate for 2018.11.4Peter Korsgaard8 months
2019.02.xUpdate for 2019.02.8Peter Korsgaard2 days
2019.05.xUpdate for 2019.05.3Peter Korsgaard2 months
2019.08.xUpdate for 2019.08.3Peter Korsgaard2 days
2019.11.x{linux, linux-headers}: bump 4.{4, 9, 14, 19}.x / 5.{3, 4}.x seriesBernd Kuhls2 days
masterpackage/gdb: disable gdbserver if full gdb is enabled for ARCEvgeniy Didin23 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  buildroot-2019.02.8.tar.gz  buildroot-2019.02.8.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard2 days  buildroot-2019.08.3.tar.gz  buildroot-2019.08.3.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard2 days  buildroot-2019.11.tar.gz  buildroot-2019.11.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard8 days  buildroot-2019.11-rc3.tar.gz  buildroot-2019.11-rc3.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard2 weeks  buildroot-2019.11-rc2.tar.gz  buildroot-2019.11-rc2.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard3 weeks  buildroot-2019.02.7.tar.gz  buildroot-2019.02.7.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard4 weeks  buildroot-2019.08.2.tar.gz  buildroot-2019.08.2.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard4 weeks  buildroot-2019.11-rc1.tar.gz  buildroot-2019.11-rc1.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard5 weeks  buildroot-2019.02.6.tar.gz  buildroot-2019.02.6.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard2 months  buildroot-2019.05.3.tar.gz  buildroot-2019.05.3.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
23 hourspackage/gdb: disable gdbserver if full gdb is enabled for ARCHEADmasterEvgeniy Didin
23 hourspackage/imx-mkimage: bump to rel_imx_4.14.98_2.0.0_gaJulien Olivain
23 hourspackage/isl: bump to version 0.22Fabrice Fontaine
23 hourspackage/shairport-sync: add mqtt optionJörg Krause
23 hourspackage/shairport-sync: add dbus optionJörg Krause
23 hourspackage/shairport-sync: add audio DSP convolution optionJörg Krause
23 hourspackage/shairport-sync: make libdaemon an optional dependencyJörg Krause
23 hourspackage/shairport-sync: bump to version 3.3.5Jörg Krause
23 hoursDEVELOPERS: add me as a maintainer for the NETCONF stackJan Kundrát
23 hourspackage/sysrepo: libnetconf2 is not neededJan Kundrát