BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fix-4526-no-fs-traversal-primlibStyle fixesPaolo G. Giarrusso5 days
issue-no-import-mainMerge branch 'master' into issue-no-import-mainLiang-Ting Chen37 hours
issue2038[ cosmetics ] fixed typo in commentAndreas Abel4 days
issue3677[ #3677 ] first attempt (not working)Andreas Abel3 weeks
issue4547[ #4547 ] refactor Concrete.Generic: use DefaultSignaturesAndreas Abel11 days
js-backend-small-improvementsrefactoring: unify type classes Uses and Globals in Agda.Compiler.JS.SyntaxPeter Divianszky5 days
lit-textMerge branch 'master' into lit-textG. Allais11 days
master[ cifm ] Excluded label `benchmark-suite`.Andrés Sicard-Ramírez16 hours
release-2.6.1Revert "[ #4324 ] Changes to Agda.cabal."Andrés Sicard-Ramírez3 weeks
team[ doc ] Authors and contributors gathered at team.rstAndreas Abel8 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  agda-2.6.1.tar.gz  agda-2.6.1.tar.bz2  Andrés Sicard-Ramírez3 weeks  agda-  agda-  Andrés Sicard-Ramírez5 weeks  agda-  agda-  Andrés Sicard-Ramírez4 months  agda-  agda-  Andrés Sicard-Ramírez11 months  agda-2.6.0.tar.gz  agda-2.6.0.tar.bz2  Andrés Sicard-Ramírez12 months  agda-  agda-  Andrés Sicard-Ramírez12 months  agda-  agda-  Andrés Sicard-Ramírez13 months  agda-  agda-  Andrés Sicard-Ramírez14 months  agda-  agda-  Andrés Sicard-Ramírez15 months  agda-  agda-  Andrés Sicard-Ramírez17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
16 hours[ cifm ] Excluded label `benchmark-suite`.HEADmasterAndrés Sicard-Ramírez
17 hours[ closed #4561 ] Added benchmark summary test.Andrés Sicard-Ramírez
37 hours[ #4242, travis ] Using GHC 8.10.1.Andrés Sicard-Ramírez
40 hours[ stackage ] Bumped LTS for GHC 8.8.3 (15.6 -> 15.7)Andrés Sicard-Ramírez
40 hours[ stackage ] Added cpphs when using GHC 8.8.3.Andrés Sicard-Ramírez
41 hours[ #4242, hTags ] Fixed compilation with GHC <= 8.4.4.Andrés Sicard-Ramírez
41 hours[ #4242, hTags ] Supported GHC 8.10.1.Andrés Sicard-Ramírez
44 hours[ #4569 ] MWE for failure of Mac OS X install with dynamic linkingAndreas Abel
3 days[ fix #4570 ] Don't mark levels as `NeutralLevel` unless all reductions are e...Jesper Cockx
3 days[ #4242, htags ] Removed hard-coded option.Andrés Sicard-Ramírez