BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
_guido_revertedsnapGuido Martínez45 hours
afromher_frameAttempt at new bind framingAymeric Fromherz3 hours
afromher_frame_debugRepro for ide failure using tacticsAymeric Fromherz4 hours
denismerigoux_pcmDon't name variable type'Denis Merigoux10 hours
guido_ci2test with fd 3Guido Martínez2 days
guido_revertremove unneded -T flagGuido Martínez33 hours
guido_tacticsfixGuido Martínez2 days
guido_testtrying a non-parallel buildGuido Martínez7 hours
master[CI] regenerate hints + ocaml snapshotDzomo the everest Yak22 hours
nik_310renaming, documenting interface etc.Nikhil Swamy4 hours
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AgeCommit messageAuthor
22 hours[CI] regenerate hints + ocaml snapshotHEADmasterDzomo the everest Yak
33 hoursremove unneded -T flagguido_revertGuido Martínez
34 hoursMerge branch 'master' of github:FStarLang/FStarGuido Martínez
34 hoursRevert " fix sed call"Guido Martínez
34 hoursRevert " some refactoring"Guido Martínez
34 hoursRevert " abort on errors"Guido Martínez
34 hoursRevert " git clone while building F*"Guido Martínez
36 hoursMerge pull request #1984 from FStarLang/nik_rec_under_matchnikswamy
37 hoursMerge branch 'master' into nik_rec_under_matchrefs/pull/1984/headnikswamy
45 hourssnap_guido_revertedGuido Martínez