BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
_afromher_steel_tacticsExample of tactic failing with GTot viewablesAymeric Fromherz33 hours
_aseem_polymonadic_bindssnapAseem Rastogi13 hours
_aseem_steelsome cleanupAseem Rastogi20 hours
afromher_steelAdd depends_only_on restriction on viewAymeric Fromherz3 days
aseem_misc2snapAseem Rastogi25 hours
denismerigoux_steelShare preactionDenis Merigoux6 hours
guido_1911snapGuido Martínez9 days
master[CI] regenerate hints + ocaml snapshotDzomo the everest Yak23 hours
nik_rename_letRenaming does not take advantage of inliningTahina Ramananandro8 days
steelweaken the subcomp rule for MST, removing an admit from Steel.EffectAseem Rastogi13 hours
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AgeCommit messageAuthor
23 hours[CI] regenerate hints + ocaml snapshotHEADmasterDzomo the everest Yak
25 hourssnapaseem_misc2Aseem Rastogi
25 hourssome fixes in the pattern matching code for layered effectsAseem Rastogi
25 hourssnapAseem Rastogi
25 hoursa hoare style div effectAseem Rastogi
25 hoursmake is_uvar better, noticed from a failure in HoareDivAseem Rastogi
25 hoursset the final comp flags to [] for a layered lift (else flags like TOTAL are ...Aseem Rastogi
47 hours[CI] regenerate hints + ocaml snapshotDzomo the everest Yak
3 daysMerge commit 'c4df02f328a6f667edf8cbcf09f78e8fff69733e'Dzomo the everest Yak
3 days[CI] regenerate hints + ocaml snapshotDzomo the everest Yak